The origin of the term “Plankowner” is the implication that a crew member was around when the ship was being built and commissioned, and therefore has bragging rights to the “ownership” of one of the planks in the main deck.  Major donors of the Tun™ are receive special recognition based on donation tiers, including a Plankowner certificate.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Plankowner (Major donors) – The highest donation level carries with The Tun™ tavern’s most prominent and frequent guest, a third generation “Grand Master” of the Pennsylvania Freemasons, one of our nation’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin.  Donors will be recognized on a permanent inscription on The Tun™ tavern’s keystone and key acknowledgments.

Samuel Carpenter

Samuel Carpenter Plankowner ($100,000+) – Samuel Carpenter, with his brother Joshua Carpenter, built Tun Tavern.  Joshua operated the tavern as a brewery, later building a larger brewery and leasing the tavern. Donors will be recognized on a permanent inscription on The Tun™ tavern’s cornerstones and other key acknowledgments.

Samuel Nichols

Samuel Nichols Plankowner ($50,000+) – Noted as the very first Commandant of the Marine Corps, he raised two battalions of Marines at the direction of the Continental Congress, and the rest is history.   Donors will have an engraved barstool in their name in the The Tun™ tavern.

Tun Tavern

Peg Mullan Plankowner ($25,000+) – The proprietors of Peg Mullan’s Beefsteak Club served the best fare in town and were noted amongst our Founding Fathers as they drafted portions of the US Constitution.  A plaque on a table in the restaurant will recognize donors.

John Adams

John Adams Plankowner ($10,000+) – Considered the father of the United States Navy, John Adams drafted the Articles of War to guide the formation of the Continental Navy at Tun Tavern.  Donors will receive a customized assortment of gifts.

In addition to the donor-level acknowledgment, all Plankowner donors will receive a custom Plankowner certificate, special recognition on a plaque that will be permanently displayed at the entrance of The Tun™ tavern, special acknowledgment on the website, an invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony, an assortment of gifts such as a handmade, engraved 32 oz copper stein that will hang permanently in The Tun™ tavern, Sons and Daughters of the Tun™ lifetime membership, and invitations to Plankowner-only events hosted by the Tun Tavern Legacy Foundation.

Please get in touch with the Tun Tavern Legacy Foundation at, if you would like to learn more about becoming a Plankowner.